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The OK Buy My Home Story

Find out who we are,
why we do this,
and how we got started.

Why Do We Do This? Simple – Because of Penny.

Have you ever been ankle deep in cat poop wondering if your vaccinations are up to date as your eyes are starting to water from the stench? No? What about staring at the beautiful starry sky….while standing in your kitchen? We have been in these scenarios, MANY TIMES – and much worse. It takes a serious drive to want to flip houses. We really owe our drive to Penny, the first person we were ever able to help. Everyone remembers their firsts – first day on the job, first day of school, first kiss. The emotions of fear, excitement, enthusiasm. One of my favorite quotes is “People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel”. I will never forget how Penny made me feel.

Penny had been contemplating moving back home to Seattle because she was being forced from her job and had no family in the area. Then she found out her mom had tragically passed away. We got a text from Penny that she wanted to meet up. We talked forever, Penny was really struggling with not having family around and having to deal with her mother’s house now too. We had a simple question for Penny. How can we help? Penny said she wanted to move back to Seattle in a couple of weeks, and wanted to leave basically everything in her house. When we asked how much she wanted for the house and her price actually worked for both of us. I’ll never forget what happened next. I told Penny we could make that work and she ran over to me and gave me a hug. When she took a step back she was crying and said “You are such an answer to prayer”. I will never forget how Penny made me feel. Let’s be honest – we aren’t a good fit for everyone. We might even tell you that on our first phone call or meeting, we’re very transparent. But we are looking for the Penny’s of the world. People who will BENEFIT from our services. People who’s lives can be greatly helped by what we do.
“I have been very blessed to work with Austin. He has been extremely helpful in the process of selling my home. I was going to move back to Oklahoma City after my husband passed away unexpectedly. He has been there for me every step of the way in this overwhelming process of trying to move without any help. I highly recommend him.”
– Penny, Customer
“I was in a financial situation I was not proud of and had not asked anyone for help as I didn't want my family or friends to know. I no longer could afford my house and just hoped that it would all go away. I received a call from Austin, stating that their company was able to help me in the situation I was in without letting everyone know. Once we went over the situation I was in I was so relieved and finally realized that my issue could in fact be solved. AND that I would still have my outstanding credit score. I am thankful that they made the call and happy they put up with my attitude at first.”
– Rebekka S. ( newly Debt Free customer)
“I was Tired of being a landlord and ready to retire. Austin and his staff were able to work with me on structuring the sale of my property where I was able to get what I wanted and what I built over many years without any car salesman tricks. True honest Oklahomans, that's all I can ask for.”
– E. Robertson ( Retired Investor)

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